Nobody is immune to cuts, scrapes, burns and wounds. These minor things keep happening day-in and day-out to us or people close to us. To deal with them, we need to have a first-aid kit with the right kind of tapes and ointment. The tapes should be able to hold in place dressings and support bandages to enable quick healing of wounds. More importantly, they should be adhesive in nature but can be easily removable. These tapes are key to wound care and help in many ways and at many levels. They are easily available at medical stores and you can buy them with ease.

Uses Of Micropore Surgical Tape

Let’s look at how these tapes support and help wound care –

  • Good-quality adhesive tapes deliver gentle adhesion

  • They are conformable and highly breathable so that wounds can heal in quick time

  • Their breathable nature helps a healthy flow of air around the wound site

  • Small pores are present in them so that the site can get moisture and recover in speedy manner

  • They are hypoallergenic and does not cause issues to those allergic to latex

  • No trace of natural rubber latex is found which makes these tapes useable for one and all

  • Paper tapes are gentle to the skin and adhere well at the same time

  • They don’t hurt and pain upon removal and leave minimal residue when removed

  • Available in white and tan, they are a general purpose tape with economical single use rolls

  • They are created in a manner to not suffocate wound site in any manner

  • They suit different wound shapes and sizes, and can be custom-trimmed to fit any location on the skin

  • Adhesive tapes are good and strong enough to help secure small to medium dressings easily

  • They are solid to support and secure dressings on damp skin

  • High-quality tapes are created to secure both lightweight tubing and ostomy appliances with ease

  • These tapes offer a great deal of comfort and ease to physicians, patients and caregivers

  • They are lightweight and breathable which makes them capable enough to promote healing

  • They serve as a top-class adhesive for bandaging wounds and fixing wound dressings

  • They make frequent bandage changing more comfortable and easier as they leave little or no residue at all

  • Being latex-free makes these tapes ideal for frequent dressing changes and avoid any pain or hurt to patients

  • Their removal leaves minimal adhesive which is why any scope for skin irritation is gone out of equation

  • Their being porous for breathability helps them improve the speed of healing and deliver comfort to patients

  • They are useful for both hospital and home settings, and deliver ease to caregivers

  • They are best suited as a surgical tape and help secure wound bandages needing regular and frequent changing

  • They are fit for individuals with sensitive skin so first-aid kits must have them to ensure quick wound care at home

  • These tapes are considered perfect to serve as a home wound care bandage
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