The 1-testosterone is a mild hormone that is mainly intended to produce the cleaner strength gains as well as a better physical appearance and this product of the testosterone consists of a three pro hormone compounds of namely 1-androstendiol, 1-androsterone and 1-androstendione. These ingredient compounds are made for producing more potent mass and this will also help out with the intensity and aggression that you need in the gym.  The 1-testosterone hormone is classified as an anabolic steroid as well as the androgen and this steroid is different from the testosterone produced by the human body because of its chemical formula. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone is a potent pro hormone with no estrogen sides by using this you can gain the real mass and incredible strength.

This steroid is classified as a schedule 3 drug in the United States which means it is prescribed as drug to its potential misuse. The human body produces the testosterone hormones but when a man is diagnosed with the hypogonadism then he may be recommended to take part in to the hormone replacement therapy for taking the treatment program. This often employs the use of topical application or injectable of testosterone products. The testosterone hormone produced by the human body is a powerful hormone where the 1-testosterone hormone is created in the form of commercially or synthetically. The 1-testosterone ranks to be the one of the first anabolic steroids which is introduced onto the dietary supplement and nutritional products and this is preferred by the athletes and bodybuilders.

Side effects of the 1-testosterone steroid          

Any form of the synthetically produced androgen like intramuscular, oral, subcutaneous and transdermal has the potential to cause the side effects and regarding to this potential severity the medical community has disagreed the use of steroid which harms the people health. However it is reported that taking the high doses of the androgens for long term will contribute the liver and cardiac issues like cancer, liver toxicity and cancer. The dependence as well as the tendency to combine the steroids with other drugs is also noted for identifying the side effects of the steroids.

The use of the testosterone androgen steroids which are not monitored by the physician may also lead to the number of the health issues and especially in men who have already diagnosed with a medical condition. The use of taking the Hi – Tech pharmaceuticals 1 – Testosterone will makes you to have the clean sized strength and it does not result any side effects where it is mostly preferred by sports athletes and body builders. Taking the high doses of the androgens may also impact on the sperm production in some men and depending on the frequency or dosage implants the androgen steroids are injected and these injections may experience reversal infertility. When the any form of androgen steroid is used by the women it may develop some male sex characteristics like unnatural hair growth or deepening voice which is typically go away when discontinued the drug.

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