All About Winstrol Only Cycle

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Winstrol has been used by athletes since some time but for different purposes. It is mainly used when bodybuilders have a season-cutting period. It is used so that any fats that are remaining can be removed with the help of the steroid. Winstrol is helpful in giving a toned look to the body. Such body is what is required in competitions and that gives bodybuilders an edge over others.

Winstrol Only Cycle

Points to note about Winstrol only cycle

It is seen that there are some athletes who use Winstrol V along with other steroids but a majority use Winstrol all by itself, without any combination.

When Winstrol only cycle is used, it is used in the form of tablets and injections. The advantage of it is that it enhances testosterone levels in the body. In such a case, what happens is that, then the body starts spending more testosterone to preserve muscles. Yet, a user can see better results when Winstrol is used along with another steroid that is as or more effective.

When it comes to Winstrol cutting cycle, the recommendations differ on the usage. Women use 20 mg on a daily basis while men use 100 mg. The dose is lower for those who are taking other performance enhancing supplements.

Though higher dosages of steroids can be harmful, for Winstrol only cycles, higher dosage can be used provided it is only for a short amount of time. In fact, to mitigate this problem such a usage has been beneficial to all those athletes who are into tough competitions and also undergoing strenuous exercises regularly.

For professional bodybuilders and other athletes, using Winstrol 100 mg daily at least for two weeks just before the competition can be helpful as the usage gives them a lean and fit physique and also removes all fat traces from the body. Also, using Winstrol 100 mg for a short duration doesn’t cause any harm as well.

Dosage of Winstrol

A point to remember is that any type of anabolic steroids has high virility. This means, that when women use such a steroid, it can cause appearance of male characteristics such as growth of body hair, change in voice and even magnification of clitoris. As Winstrol is also such a steroid, these side effects can occur in women users. But it can be avoided if women stick to low doses and that they use it only for shorter periods. Though Winstrol is available in the form on injections as well as tablets, women prefer the latter as it is easier to consume and one can easily know how much amount is being consumed. The dosage recommended for women is just 10 mg per day and a cycle of 4 weeks. The usage is discontinued after a week’s use in beginners and then the cycle is resumed.

In men, a dosage of 50 mg daily and for 8 weeks is recommended. For those who have competitions should increase the dosage in the last two weeks for better results.

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