In the healthcare market, one can see many steroids that have been used by many people. Such steroids are mostly strong by nature and have strong side effects. Due to this primary reason, many women may find difficult in finding right dosages for them and have issues in choosing one. In such scenario, there is few option that is available for both men and women. Clenbuterol is one such drug which actually is not a steroid, but primarily helps users in losing weight and shedding excess fat. Similarly, Anavar is another steroid that has mild anabolic effects and thus results in mild side effects. Due to mild anabolic effect, this drug is claimed safe to use and preferred by most of the women who would want to try steroids.

AnavarUsage And Implications

Anavar usage for men – is it really beneficial?

As seen, this drug is a mild one when compared to other brands in the market. This doesn’t mean there are no Anavar benefits for men. This is the safest option that can be used by men for cutting cycles and they seem to get wonderful results. Men can actually tolerate high dosages, but it has to be reminded that high dosages will also have high effects on human. So, this dosage while helping users to attain their benefit also ensures there are no major harmful side effects. These steroids can be stacked with other steroids to get maximum benefits thus lifting the performance of the user as required without much side effects. This is also marketed as Oxandrolone is also loved by many performance enhancers. This hormone cannot help men who want to bulk up but can help men in shedding extra fat and gain lean muscles without water retention. Also, this drug does not disturb the main male hormone testosterone and hence major side effects can be averted.

Popular Anavar usage and recommendations

Even though this is popularly called as “girl steroid”, this is not ignored by men. Due to multiple benefits, this gives a user without much side effects men prefer to use them in cutting phase. This drug is expensive when compared to any other performance enhancers, but given this is more reliable and safe when compared to others this can be well utilized. This drug also helps users increase the count of red blood count thus helping in recovering from a workout or wounds very quickly. Also, this gives the much-required flexibility for workout sessions, thus if combined with a proper stack the utilization effect of this steroid can be increased.

Word of caution on usage and limits

The best cycle for men is 50-80 mg per day and some people well may go up to 100mg per day. But these dosages will have to be revisited if stacked with other options. To utilize Anavar benefits for men, it is best to use in cutting phase and stack it up with Winstrol, Clenbuterol, and Trenorol. While other stacks may give strength for workout sessions, Anavar would completely support one’s system by boosting required components for the workout. Thus, if chosen carefully one can get multiple benefits from this drug.

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