Dealing with a drug issue is never easy; those who surround and support the person with the issue can face as difficult a road as the sufferer.  In fact, it can even be worse as they not only see the detoriation of a loved one; they also have to deal with the issues and fallout created.

The first stage in any drug rehab treatment is to identify the problem; this means that the person suffering with the addiction must acknowledge they have a problem and need help.  Without this vital step it is highly likely that any treatment will only provide a short term solution.

Once the person with the issue has admitted the problem they are ready to start treatment, most clinics will use a mixture of treatments, but it is important to know the different ones to ensure any sufferer gets the best help possible:

Drug Rehab


In short, this is removing the drug from the body.  There are a variety of ways of achieving this.  It is possible simply to stop taking the drug; this can lead to terrible withdrawal symptoms but it usually the fastest way of stopping!  However it is not an approach that is often used.  Normally a medical professional in a drug rehab clinic will administer either the same drug that has been used, but in smaller doses, or they will use an alternative drug.  The slow reduction in quantity will help anyone suffering to reduce their addiction and stop using the drug.


This is an essential part of any treatment process, this deals with the behavior and lifestyle a user has which leads to the initial drug taking.  It is important to address this and try to get a sufferer to change the way they live; this will help to prevent them relapsing.


There are a variety of medications which can be administered.  Some of these are designed to replace the drugs and help wean a sufferer of their addiction.  Others are used by drug rehab clinics to help counter the side effects of both the drug taking and the withdrawal.  Some of these drugs may be taken for the long term.

Mental Health

As well as counseling it is essential to evaluate the mental health of a sufferer.  They are likely to be feeling depressed and anxious.  There may even be underlying issues which have not been dealt with in regard to starting taking drugs in the first place.  Understanding the mental health of a sufferer and devising the best way of monitoring or treating this will help significantly with drug rehab.

Follow Up care

Once the appropriate treatment method has been applied, or a mixture of the techniques, it is important to establish a good follow up regime.  It is hoped that this will help to prevent an addict from relapse.  It is best if the same person contacts the sufferer each time; this is the best way of assessing any changes in their persona and treatment needs.

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