Clenbuterol is popularly known as a performance-enhancing supplement, but its primary use is that of a bronchodilator. It can assist in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory ailments, and it can also help in letting users achieve their specific fitness goals. Perhaps the most sought-after property of Clenbuterol is its fat-burning capabilities.

Male and female athletes and bodybuilders can greatly benefit with the use of Clenbuterol. However, the exact results depend on the cycle and stack. Regardless of what stack or cycle you use with this supplement, there will be fat-burning and weight loss results included in the package. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular Clenbuterol cycles that you may want to check out.

Clenbuterol Cycles

The Bursting Clenbuterol Cycle

The bursting Clenbuterol cycle, which is also known as the 2 day on/2 day off method, is exactly what you’re going to do if you choose this path. The idea of taking Clenbuterol using this method is relatively straightforward; you need to blast the intake of Clenbuterol with a relatively high dose. Afterward, follow up with taking nothing for the next 2 days. Rinse and repeat the process until the end of the cycle. Reports indicate that this method can go on for as much as 3 months. While it does bring about results, some users find the bursting Clenbuterol cycle to put plenty of strain on the body. Furthermore, it doesn’t bring about the full potential of the supplement regarding its fat-burning properties.

Is It the Most Common Clenbuterol Cycle?

Even though the effects brought by the bursting Clenbuterol cycle isn’t as desirable as one would initially hope, it’s still a popular choice for many according to many Internet forums. It’s still an effective method for fat burning. This Clenbuterol cycle is quite simple, and it all begins with a low dose in the 20 mcg to 40 mcg range. The user will then increase the initial dose every day (or for every two days if preferred) until the maximum desired ceiling for the dosage is reached. For new and interested users, keep in mind that the maximum dosage for Clenbuterol should be within the 100 to 400 mcg range. After the high dose of Clen, the user won’t use the supplement for 2 weeks before beginning the next portion of the cycle.

Using Ketotifen With Clenbuterol

Taking Clen means there’s a quick down-regulation of the body’s beta 2 receptors, which means it limits the amount of time that the supplement is going to be effective. Ketotifen, at its core, is an antihistamine commonly used to help in the treatment of itchy red eyes caused by allergies. This drug shows results of stopping the down-regulation of the body’s beta receptors. As such, this combination is of great interest to many athletes and bodybuilders. Many even proclaim that Ketotifen should be used with Clen and T3 for optimum results.

The Incrementing Clenbuterol Cycle

Even though the incrementing Clen cycle isn’t as popular as the bursting Clenbuterol cycle, it does allow the body to properly adjust. Hence, it won’t put a lot of strain on the body, and it’s an ideal choice for many beginner steroid users.

The Clen cycles found in this post are just some examples that you may want to check out. There are other Clenbuterol cycles out there that may fit well with your specific needs.

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