Cool Sculpting for Fat Loss

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Cool sculpting is a non- invasive, patented cooling procedure used to eradicate fat cells with no or little downtime. Reduction in the number of fat cells in a particular area of the body provides lasting, noticeable results to let you feel and look your best. It happens with many people that they cannot ditch their stubborn body fat, no matter how hard they workout or toughen their diet. Certain problematic areas of the body build up flab and just won’t shed it despite your best efforts. How would you feel if you could reduce these difficult areas without using traditional ways like exercise and diet? Certainly good!!

Cool sculpting is comfortable and safe way to achieve results you will love. Just one session of cool sculpting gives you a toned, sleek body you always wanted. The procedure involves freezing the fat cells, which crystallizes and eliminates them. The technique delivers sharply controlled cooling to effectively and gently target fat cells residing under the skin. The body metabolizes these cells and then it starts losing fat cells in the treated area. In other words, these cells crystallize and freeze; and ultimately die. With time, body gets rid of the dead cells. Untreated fat cells do not undergo any alteration in fat distribution. You can get this procedure done from a reputed laser clinic such as Canada MedLaser.

Cool Sculpting for Fat Loss

The procedure of cool sculpting

Fat cells have a tendency to freeze when exposed to high temperature as compared to the surrounding tissues. Cool sculpting targets the fat cells under the skin; cools them at a targeted temperature to set off their natural death. The process of cool sculpting is called Crylpolysis. Since fat cells have a quicker crystallization than other tissues, the skin or other nerves are not damaged surrounding the target tissue. Exercise and dieting reduces the size of fat cells, but cool sculpting eliminates them. One session of this procedure eliminates almost 20% of these fat cells.

The science of cool sculpting entails Cryolipolysis, which implies that cold is used to give desired shape to the body contours. A couple of scientists from Harvard University observed that a few children developed dimples after they consumed popsicles. The scientists applied this logic to fat to selectively target and remove fat cells.  

How is cool sculpting performed?

The clinician at the laser clinic selects the body area for treatment. Then, he positions the cool sculpting device on the body, which creates the bulge up among two cooling panes. You can feel the tough pull and force sensation during this process, which exerts enough pressure to make sure that the selected cells is efficiently cooled. The procedure is completed within an hour based on your requirements. As cooling is started initially, you sense intense cold and pressure, which dissipates soon. Many people work on a laptop, read, or even sleep during the treatment.

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