Even though it is hard to believe, women are highly affected by diabetes rather than men. This is a metabolic disease in which the blood sugar level will get increased because of the excessive production of insulin. In the initial days this was the problem only among the people of old age group. But today even the kids were exposed to this condition because of the improper food habits followed in current trend. This is one of the most common problems found among the women.

Diabetes In Women- Symptoms, Risk And Treatment


Many women are not aware of their body sugar level. And this is the reason why they get severely affected when compared to that of men. Some of the common signs of diabetes which insist the presence of high sugar level in women are discussed Interviews.

These women will have infections in the vaginal region. They will also get exposed to oral yeast infections. Women with this body condition will tend to urinate more often. These people will also experience sudden weight loss without any reason. However this is also the common symptom found also in men. Skin infections will also be realized in some cases. Hence women who have any of these symptoms must consult the doctor to check their blood sugar level.

Diabetes- risk in women

As mentioned above, the risk of diabetes will be high in women. This will lead to several other health issues which will put them into great trouble. The first and foremost risk is the increased body weight. That is women who have diabetes will have the problems of obesity. The chances of getting stroke and other cardiac problems will also be high in these cases. In case, if the pregnant women have diabetes, the infant will also get affected as this disease has influence over genes. The baby which they give birth will also be over weighted. They will also have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The most unfortunate thing is there will also be trouble in menstrual cycle. In most cases women will get exposed to the problems of PCOD. At times, they will feel it more difficult to control the level of blood pressure. Overall it can be said that their routine lifestyle will get changed to a greater extent.


Obviously, they must consult the specialist in diabetes to treat this disease at the best. They can yield better results, in case if the problem is pointed out in the very early stage. Even though the medications for this disease will be very tiring, they must follow it properly according to the doctor’s advice. These people must be more careful that they should not intake any medications without doctor’s prescription. Apart from medical treatment, they can do physical exercises to reduce the risk to a greater extent. But it is to be noted that they must make sure not to get hurt at any extent while doing exercise. This is because once if the diabetes patient gets injured, it will not get healed as easily as in normal person.

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