Different body scrubs are offered by many of the 24 hour spa in Singapore because of the benefits that people can get from it.  With today’s busy world and advanced technology, there are products that you use that has its benefits but yet it has a side effect. Your skin needs to be relaxed once in a while to make it healthier, look and feel younger.

Body scrubs don’t only exfoliate your skin but they also detoxify your body. It improves your blood circulation and drains your lymph nodes that will give you better wellness. Here are the things you need to know about body scrubs:

Body Scrubs To Your Skin

How Is Body Scrub Applied To The Skin?

Getting a body scrub in the spa will make you feel at ease when it is done the right way. There are spas that use dry brush at first before actually applying the body scrub to your body. This way, your skin pores will be ready before the application of the body scrub. Once the scrub is applied, it should be scrubbed upward with firm pressure. Spots like the elbows, knees, neck and feet should get more concentration when scrubbing since they are the tough spots. Scrubbing them more will help you remove the dark spots since they accumulate more dirt than the other parts of your skin. Moisturizer should be applied after the scrubbing since the scrub will dry your skin out. Moisturizing your skin will make your it feel soft and look young.

What Type Of Body Scrub Should Be Used?

Face scrubs should have finer beads since the skin of your face is thinner the skin of your body. Finer beads will not damage your skin on your face and it should be applied with mild to moderate pressure. Body scrubs however, have bigger beads to make sure that your body is scrubbed well. There are different types of body scrubs that can be used on your skin, like sugar, almond and many others.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Body Scrub?

  • Allows your moisturizer to work better

Having your skin scrubbed will remove dirt that have clogged your pores. Removing the dirt will make your skin absorb your moisturizer better.

  • It helps reduce your dark spots and aging spots

As we grow older, there are areas in our body that becomes darker. Body scrubbing will help reduce the aging spots and spots that are turning dark.

  • It makes hair removal easier and prevent ingrown hair from growing

Scrubbing has the ability to give you softer skin that will make the removal of hair easier, such as hairs that grow in the arms and legs. It is the same with preventing ingrown hair.

  • Minimizes your pore appearance

As dirt fills in your pores, the opening of the pores become bigger. Scrubbing removes this dirt and helps make the pore become smaller that they become barely noticeable.

  • Reduces Stress

Pampering yourself by having your body scrubbed can reduce your stress. Scrubbing helps in giving you better blood flow.

  • You will get smoother knees and elbows

As the dirt accumulates in your skin’s pores, your skin becomes rough, especially your knees and elbow parts. Scrubbing will help your knees and elbows become smoother.

  • You will have smoother razor bumps

Using a razor on your skin will be much better since your skin will be smoother and the bumps will be less. You will be able to avoid cutting yourself on the razor.

During your first tries at getting a body scrub, it is best that you observe which product is good for you and which product is causing discomforts. You can consult your spa attendant for recommendations so that you will be able to weigh your options. Regular visits to your 24 hour spa in Singapore for body scrubs will help you have younger and healthier looking skin.

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