This is asexual dysfunction in which a man becomes low while having sexual activity and erection of penis become very minimal. This dysfunctional disease is also known as impotence. This is a very serious problem for a man because it can end up relationships. A person starts feeling very low in itself and confidence of that person also goes down. Sex is proof of manhood but if a person cannot able to do sex properly then he must have to face many problems.

Causes of impotence

This dysfunction can be caused due to cardiovascular disease and diabetes other causes are neurological problems, hormonal efficiency and side effects of drugs can also lead to a lack in sexual activity and slowly-slowly it takes away the sexual power of your penis. This disease is so dangerous that even a thought of sex can cause failure in penis erection. Having a physical sex is very impossible for a person suffering from this disease. This dysfunction disturbs a person psychologically so much that they can’t even think about sex. They always feel low whenever someone tries to do a sexual activity or sexual talk with him at any interval of time.

Cheerful Sex Life

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

There are many treatments for this disease so a person suffering from this must not feel low instead consult a doctor and ask for some proper treatment processes. It can be removed just by the following advice from doctors and by having proper treatment. Some of the common treatments are potassium deficiency or arsenic contamination of drinking water. But other than these some of the most effective treatment and medicines related to this disease is mentioned below. Let have look at this treatment and learn how they cause in removing dysfunction problem.

  • Trail of PDE5 inhibitor- it is a drug which blocks degradative action of muscles cell providing corpus to the penis. It is used to control irregular falls such as sildenafil, vardenafil, and udenafil. All these are controllable in erectile dysfunction.
  • Cialis medicine- it is used to remove erectile and its symptoms that are prostatic hypertrophy. A Cialis 20mg medicine is given to the patient and this medicine is of great help in removing dysfunction. Many other precautionary measures need to be taken while using this tablet. If such measures are not taken it may not work properly.

A proper checkup while treatment can give a person more relief so that he can recover it very soon. This disease moreover affects a man psychologically rather than physically.


 Excessive use of unwanted drugs can also lead to a lack of sexual activity and slowly-slowly it takes away the sexual power of your penis. Your body is all yours so why to make it wastage product, if you take care of body it will be beneficial for you only not others.

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