Meaning of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder wherein the male has a disability to hold an erection. The symptoms of erectile dysfunction occur in more than 80% of males at some stage of their lives. Erectile dysfunction may create issues in a healthy relationship and in several cases, it also leads to lowered confidence and self-esteem.To know more about ED visit

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

There is treatment available for erectile dysfunction in the form of Viagra. Viagra is a famous drug which became very popular during its launch and became a “blockbuster drug”. In the past few years, a lot of men suffering from erectile dysfunction are looking for more generic variants of Viagra. The reason why people are looking for generic alternatives of Viagra is that since it is branded, it is expensive and, in the market, there are generic alternatives available to Viagra which are cheaper in cost and have the similar drug profile when compared to Viagra including the safety and side effects.

General Alternatives For Erectile Dysfunction

Benefits of the available generic alternatives

With the growing research in medicine, there are now several generic alternatives available to expensive branded medication. You can read more about one such medication at Generic alternatives are gaining popularity slowly and steadily. The benefits of the generics are also plenty. Some of these benefits are as listed below:

  • Generic alternatives for treatment of erectile dysfunction are easily available in pharmacies
  • Generic alternatives are also well-tested and do not have any complications
  • There are many generic alternatives available in the market that the patient can choose from
  • These generic alternatives come at a much lesser price when compared to the branded medication.
  • Generic alternatives act fast on the male body to treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Generic alternatives significantly boost the male power.
  • These generic alternatives provide better ability for males to acquire, maintain and hold an erection for a better duration of time.

How do these generic alternatives work?

The generic alternatives work just like the branded drugs. The generic alternatives increase the blood circulation. Better blood circulation helps in gaining and holding an erection in males so that the intercourse is better. The medication may be in the form of a jelly that can be taken orally.  For the medication to work, the tablet needs 45 to 60 minutes for blood circulation to increase and have a stronger erection.  These generic alternatives have minimal or no side effects. To ensure that there are better results with the medication, a man should ideally consume only one tablet in 24 hours, taking more than one pill within 24 hours may lead to potential side effects. Also, it is important that no alcohol is consumed along with the medication. In case of any kidney issues, thyroid problems or high blood pressure etc. doctor consultation should be taken before consuming the medication.

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