Our bodies produce growth hormone naturally. It originates from the pituitary gland and it starts getting released from the early childhood up until early adulthood. It is a completely natural thing that makes our bodies work and grow properly in the period of development and it is simply necessary. The synthetic growth hormone has been available for a couple of decades now and it is mostly used for treating various diseases, especially in children who are incapable of producing this hormone naturally, but it is also prescribed to adults. Having it available gives the patients a huge advantage and can be a successful treatment when applied correctly and in time.

Getting Bigger and Better with HGH

Why is it banned?

So why is human growth hormone, an illegal controlled substance in most countries? And why is it not available for use to anyone who is interested in reaping the benefits from this form of treatment? You can get your hands on it completely legally if your doctor or your physician prescribes you a proper therapy and closely monitor your progress in order to see if you are using it correctly.

Human growth hormone will make all cellular structures in your body grow so you might end up with enlarged liver and kidneys as well, which may cause a number of problems later on in life. It is also considered to be a performance enhancing drug so it is banned from the Olympics and other big international competitions. Athletes who test positive are disqualified from further competition.

Plenty of individuals have used human growth hormone in order to battle obesity and fatigue, but it is commonly used as an anti-aging drug as well. Yes, it is banned in US and UK, but that doesn’t stop people from using those hormones without a permission from their doctors. People are aware of the possible consequences and know that they will be facing a possible punishment.

HGH in UK is available through your medical provider only and it can be legally used with a proper prescription. Any other means of obtaining human growth hormone is illegal.

The body improvements

When an adult uses human growth hormone and do it properly, they will increase their muscle mass. Unfortunately, the strength and the performance will stay the same so they still have to work on those in the gym and spend hours and hours lifting heavy weights. However, if human growth hormone is abused, it will lead to numerous complications and health issues such as an enlarged heart which will lead to numerous heart problems. Also, if a person has a tumor which is undetected, it will start growing rapidly as well.

All in all, even though HGH is banned and forbidden in many countries, you can always find plenty of alternatives, whether they are natural or in the form of supplements. These alternatives will boost your own body’s production of human growth hormone, but still keep it under control. The chances of going overboard on these boosters is unlikely but it is not impossible, so make sure you educate yourself properly and know what to expect out of these

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