Hcg Diet And Weight Loss Result

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Even though HCG diet sounds to be new, they were more popular since past few years. This diet will be the best choice for people who want to follow an extreme diet for losing their body weight. People who tend to follow this diet can lose up to 2 pounds in a day. When this diet came into trend, many people thought it to be dangerous and stayed away from it. But this is not the circumstance in current trend. This diet can be taken seriously by the people who want to experience rapid weight loss. This article is a dedication for the people who are in need to know about this diet in better. Especially the beginners of this diet can consider the following discussion to extract the best out of this diet.

Hcg Diet And Weight Loss Result

What is HCG?

This is nothing but a protein based hormone which can be pointed out in the early stages of pregnancy. In the initial days, this hormone was used for treating the fertility issues in both men and women. Later in the year 1954, Albert Simeons, a British doctor stated HCG to be a wonderful weight loss option. His weight loss diet had two important factors. The first factor is a diet with 500 calories and the second factor is HCG hormone. He preferred to take HCG hormone through the form of injection. After this research, many researchers came forward to reveal the weight losing nature of this hormone. As the result of this, many studies stated this diet to a better solution for effective weight loss.

HCG and weight loss

There are various secrets which are hidden behind this hormone. People who intake this diet can feel the real time result of this hormone. When this diet is followed, the body metabolism will get enhanced enormously. Obviously when the metabolism gets increased, there will be high amount of fat loss in the body.  When the excess body fat is lost, one can automatically lose their body weight without any constraint. The other important fact about this diet is they will not allow the users to feel hungry like that of a normal person. That is they will help in suppressing the hungry level of a person. This is the reason why the people who follow this diet tend to intake very less amount of calories.


Basically the hcg diet will be prescribed with three different phrases. These phrases include loading phase, weight loss phase and maintenance phase. During the loading phase, the diet is to be started. One must intake high fat and high calorie substances for two days. While considering the weight loss phase, the injection is to be continued but the diet must be restricted to 500 calories per day. And this amount of calories intake should be continued for about six weeks. While considering third phase, HCG should be stopped and the calories can be increased gradually. People who want to take these phrases properly can make use of HCG program.

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