It is believed that hair loss occurs due to the dose or a heavy dose of steroids, which you use for bodybuilding. It is right to some extent because there is a various kind of steroids available in the market and widely used by the gym persons for bodybuilding purposes. Most of the hair loss experts, physicians & Surgeons accepted that the use of steroids can cause the hair loss if you are a candidate for genetic hair loss. The use of steroids accelerates the potential hair loss only if the hair loss characteristics carried out from your genes. The steroids not directly affect the hair growth or cause the hair loss, but it has a harsh effect only if you are a candidate for genetic baldness or Androgenic alopecia. On the other hand, it has also been found out that not all the type of steroids causes the hair loss except the Anadrol, Dianabol, Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Winstrol. So, it is a matter of concern to know about the anabolic steroids that causes a severe hair loss if you suspected with the Androgenic alopecia.

Genetic Hair Loss

Basically, the DHT (DI Hydro Testosterone) causes the hair loss that has a natural attribute to attack the hair follicles where it is not genetically programmed to withstand certain levels of hormone and presented the severe hair loss problem. The Androgenic alopecia disease is hereditary transferred from one generation to the next and the hormone DHT, which is a catalytic form of the Testosterone & 5-alpha-reductase, causes the male pattern baldness. The case of hair loss due to the use of steroids is interlinked with the genetic loss as the steroids can accelerate the rate of loss if it is used by the genetic hair loss patients.

The treatment of hair loss available in the medical field with the procedure of hair transplant that is crucially needed by anyone is affected by the genetic cause of hair loss and presented a particular grade of Norwood class in the form of male pattern baldness. This is such a cosmetic surgery procedure that requires an extreme sense of artistic skills along with the in-depth scientific approach in order to present the utmost aesthetic concern of the procedure.

As far as the price is concerned, the hair transplant cost is an affordable option with the token of sure & satisfied results as the procedure is performed by the recognized and renowned hair transplant Surgeon in India.

Now we will discuss the certain kinds of steroids that cause a severe hair loss among the genetic hair loss patients is jotted down below:

  1. Anadrol: Anadrol or Drol is one of the worst kinds of steroids in the market that accelerates the hair loss. The content of Anadrol readily converts to estrogen & Di-Hydro testosterone at very rapid rate and makes it impossible to control the hair loss by attacking the hair follicles severely.
  2. Dianabol: Dianabol or Dbol is strong androgenic and attacks hair follicles very worse causes the extreme hair loss. So, it is recommended by the hair loss expert not to use this if you are affected by the genetic hair loss or androgenic alopecia.
  3. Testosterone: This is a name of steroids that causes the severe hair loss if you are prone to the effect of Androgenic alopecia. The Testosterone based steroids effect is as same as that of your natural steroids that produce the DI-hydro Testosterone by the catalytic formation with the 5AR (alpha reductase) and damages the hair follicles that are not genetically programmed to withstand the damaging effect of DHT.
  4. Winstrol: This is one of the worst kinds of steroid that eat hair follicles completely and not friendly to hair growth. The use of Winstrol or Winny means you have taken the risk of hair loss more severely as it affects even those guys also who are not prone to the genetic hair loss.


It is a matter of concern to analyze the types of steroids by your Doctor or hair loss expert before opting it as it can cause a drastic situation for your hair growth and rather improving your body eats hair follicles and present the case of hair loss particularly. So, a careful decision and consultation are needed there in order to stay away from the effect of harsh supplements or medicines.

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