Regardless of how you got the wound or any skin injury, your body will try to heal it in any possible way. Most frequently, if you have had a serious injury and a big wound you will have a scar as a part of natural healing process. While scars add masculinity to men, they are definitely not the most desirable feature for women.

According to the experts, some wounds with the proper treatment can heal without scars, but only if you take care of them right. For instance, you can use special wound creams and drying powder to avoid any complications. In the article below you can find several tips from professional dermatologists about how to reduce the appearance of scars after injuries.

Wound Care

1. First and foremost rule is to keep your wound clean. To keep it clean you can use either special wound care medications or, if the doctor allows, simply wash it regularly with clean water.

2. The second very important tip to follow is to keep your wound moisturized. With the special wound creams you will be able to prevent the wound from drying out and forming a scab, as a result your skin will be healing faster and safer. With the proper moisturizer you will be able if not prevent then minimize the scar from getting too big, deep or itchy.

3. After each cleaning you need to dry the wound and then apply special wound care medications for the actual treatment. Then make sure to cover the skin with a special adhesive bandage. Experts say that hydrogel or silicone gel sheets will be useful for large wounds.

4. Keep in mind that regardless of the severity of your wound bandages must be changed daily, unless your doctor prescribed you more often bandage changing plan. In this way you will be able to keep the wound clean and treated to accelerate the healing process. In case you have sensitive skin, it is better to use special wound creams that will calm the irritation and relief pain.

5. If you need to fix the bandage with stitches, make sure that you know when they must be removed and remember that in this case wound treatment plan might be different. So remembering this always discuss any of your actions with the doctor to make sure that you are doing the job right.

6. And the final tip is for after-treatment. If you have a completely healed wound, then there are still some things to keep in mind to minimize the scar. During the first year your skin is still sensitive and able to change in the place where the wound was, so make sure not to expose it to direct sunlight and if it is impossible to avoid, always use special wound creams or at least sun protection treatments to reduce red or brown discoloration. In such cases experts advise using children care medications because they are safer and have better protection level.

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