Most people enjoy a drink, whether it is an after work pint with your colleagues, or a glass of wine with your dinner.  Drinking a small amount of alcohol every week has actually been shown to be beneficial to your health.  Even the odd indulgence on a night out or at a party is not an issue for the majority of people around the world.  However, the more you drink the more you, or others around you, might begin to wonder if you have an issue.  This leads to an interesting question; how do you know when you are no longer a social drinker but have a problem and need alcohol rehab?

There are several key factors which suggest that you or a loved one may be an alcoholic.  If you are displaying these then you should seek professional assistance, an alcohol rehab centre will provide the best possible level of support.

Alcohol Rehab

Level of drink

The first clue is always when someone you know starts to drink more than they have done in the past.  This can be a reaction to other events in their life.  But, it is also a sign that the amount of drink they are currently consuming is no longer having the desired effect.  In order to achieve the same high they will need to drink more and more; they may even start to drink stringer alcoholic products.


An alcoholic will start to be less aware of the world around them; they will only appear to function properly once they have consumed some alcohol.  This will usually result in a tardiness, their attention is likely to slip at work, and they will be frequently late for work or other, important appointments.


Another relatively obvious change is in their appearance; where they may have made an effort to dress nicely in the past they will stop trying.  Their appearance will seem unimportant to them and will consequently suffer.  In fact many alcoholics will stop washing or shaving and may even wear dirty and scruffy clothes on a daily basis.


A very common problem associated with drinking too much is when you start to have blackouts after you have been drinking.  You are likely to wake up with a terrible hangover and no memory of what happened.  This can lead to all sorts of complications and even mean you do not remember breaking the law or hurting yourself.

Morning Drink

Many alcoholics get to the stage that the first thing they do in the morning is have a drink; without this they cannot function properly.  They will also hunt for other products that have alcohol in, even if in small quantities.  Mouth wash is a common one which can help an alcoholic get the fix they need.


Finally, someone who is becoming addicted to alcohol will lose interest in other activities and will stop doing things that they have always done.  This is because their world is shrinking and all that matter is their next drink.  As a result sports or hobbies have no interest to them.

If you suspect someone you know has an alcohol problem then you need to get them to speak to a professional.

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