Role of HGH

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Human Growth Hormone not only supports growth but also maintains some functions of the body like muscle growth, tissue repair, energy, brain function and metabolism for the entire life. Normally human growth hormone production is high during teenage years and lessens according to age. Many studies have proven that people with high fat accumulation contain lower growth hormone. And this can be treated only by growth hormone pills or powders. This also results in sufficient weight loss and helps reduce fat.

Many athletes started taking growth hormone during sports to increase their metabolism, which is already banned using before sports. Even though after ban it was is used by many. After this analysis, blood tests have become mandatory before sports. But, it has very little effect and does not boost performance in sports.

Role of HGH

Points to note about HGH

  • HGH levels in the body decreases once after we attain above 20 years of age. Because of this regeneration of our body slower gradually along with age.
  • Even doctors have approved HGH plays major role in treating age lines like wrinkles.
  • Many obese people around the world are deficit of HGH because of their body fat.
  • Body fat is key factor in reducing HGH. The more fat the person, that much lesser HGH. Regular levels of HGH keep our body fit.
  • HGH does not reduce any weight in obese people. It is only a myth!

Symptoms of Human Growth Hormone

  • Individuals may experience sagging skin, thinning of bones, wrinkles, high amount of body fat accumulation, hair loss, depression, anxiety, lowered immunity and fatigue.
  • By in taking growth hormone along prescription provides relief to depression and outlook on life will be very positive, hence no wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • Regulation of proper protein diet in food and exercising regularly makes you fit. HGH levels raise naturally with the right diet plan.
  • Also adequate and enough sleep is recommended as it is the only time HGH levels increases in body.

Treatment for growth hormone deficiency

Growth hormone deficiency is treated by replacing with growth hormone. Growth hormone is injected in to muscle to get into blood because growth hormone is a large peptide molecule. While getting treatment for growth hormone, the affected child grows more than normal within very short span of time. But, this also benefits the sufferer by increased strength, fast reduction of body fat in case of obese etc. treatment should be done for affected children every day by injecting growth hormone. Sometimes, treatment is to be continued lifelong for most severely affected adults. Treatment costs are varied country wise.

The adult growth hormone deficiency patients are administered with individualized growth hormone treatment routine. They term adult patients with pituitary hormone deficiencies as ‘acquired growth hormone deficiency’. Measurable benefits are obtained to the people who got growth hormone replacement during treatment. Some of the benefits include improved density in bones, faster hair and nail growth, strong immune system etc. But, these are benefitted only during treatment and do not provide long term results.

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