We all know that tobacco is not good for health. Along with bestowing fatal internal diseases upon us such as cancer, tobacco has tremendous negative effects for our oral health as well. Whether you consume tobacco in the form of cigarettes, pipes, cigars, or you chew it, it is extremely harmful for your mouth in several ways. The most prominent effect that is visible quite soon in tobacco- addicted people is the tobacco stains on teeth. However, despite knowing all bad effects of tobacco, it is practically difficult for them to quit it. Even if you quit smoking, the stains on your teeth might not leave too soon.

How tobacco affects your teeth

Dreamworks Dental Laboratory says that tar and nicotine are two main culprits concerning tobacco stains. Nicotine does not have any color, but it acquires yellow color when it meets oxygen. When tobacco is placed or inhaled in the mouth, tar and nicotine colonize in the oral cavity. Then, these elements can make their way to the microscopic gaps in the enamel, which results in brown/ yellow stains on the surface of teeth. However, the good news is that tobacco stains are located only on the outer layer and hence, they can be removed.

Teeth Stained from Tobacco

How to remove tobacco stains from the teeth

Quitting smoking is the most effective and obvious way to remove dental stains permanently, but it will be effective only if you do not restart smoking. Tartar creates a heavy sticky film on the teeth, which lets the bacteria to develop and also lets the staining agents settle. It becomes more difficult to remove tartar as it hardens and it can only be scraped away. You can also use the following methods to remove staining from your teeth:

Maintain your oral hygiene

You must brush your teeth two times daily and floss them once daily. You can also use anti- tartar mouthwash or other mouth rinse to prevent build up of tartar and staining.

Teeth whitening

This is also an effective method to help remove tobacco stains. However, you must get it done from a practiced dentist.

Mouth rinsing

If you are highly addicted to tobacco, you must make sure that you rinse your mouth whenever you eat tobacco or smoke it. Rinsing your mouth helps prevent bacteria build up and enamel staining.

Frequent dental check up 

Your dentist can warn you whenever you are on the verge of developing permanent stains. If you have already developed permanent stains, you can take the help of your dentist to get them removed.

Custom staining for all shades of teeth

Nowadays, several dental laboratories offer services of custom staining for teeth. Every person has different shades of teeth. Even several teeth of the same mouth differ in color.  

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