Riding a bicycle is considered to be one of the best ways to travel to school or workplace due to its various health and safety benefits. However, there are times when accidents happen and it is important to make sure that the situation is managed successfully. One can carry a small first aid kit or be aware of whom to call for help and what to do in such emergency situations. If you are travelling on a bicycle and suddenly you fell off your bike or had to brake hard, know here some of the basic rules to deal with the situation.

Even if it is a minor accident, make sure to give or ask for first aid. If there are only small cuts and bruises, you need not call an ambulance but dress the wound and sanitize the wound area with hygienic wipes to prevent the infection to spread. In case you have a doubt about your health condition, visit a doctor and do the necessary checkups.

If there are no major injuries happened in the road accident, move freely and get yourself and your bike out of traffic so that the ongoing traffic does not get affected.

You should not be in a hurry to move from the site if you are facing discomfort moving your arms and legs. If you have any doubt regarding your injury, then call an ambulance.

Make sure to check your bike after the accident. Ride the bike only after you have checked these things thoroughly. Check if the frame and fork have any bends or cracks, if the wheels are spinning and straight and also if the brakes and gears are in a proper condition or not.

Stay calm and do not become panicky. If the bicycle accident also involves another person, then it is wise to keep your cool and avoid getting into verbal arguments.

Make sure to take your bike to a professional bike shop to receive compensation from insurance policy.

If you are suffering from an injury due to a bike accident with other people in the Las Vegas area, then it is better to take legal help from an experienced lawyer. A personal injury lawyer from Adam S. Kutner & Associates can fight your bicycle injury case for you. The law firm’s attorneys have provided the best possible results for their clients in such cases. If you have been injured, contact the law office of Adam S. Kutner & Associates as it has the required knowledge to deal with all aspects of bicycle equipment, accident reconstruction and roadway design, which can form the main part of your case. Bicyclists have legal rights and if they have been injured, there are many traffic laws that protect them. It is vital that bicyclists and passenger vehicle drivers should be aware of the road rules to prevent bicycle accidents. Injuries occurred in a bicycle accident are quite shocking and it affects the rider’s head and spine in most cases.

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