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It feels horrible when you find yourself sick or depressed. This makes you want to be at your feet, and do things you always want to do. You have taken pills to ease you with your health problem. You even exercised or munched a favorite meal to be relieved. However, there seems no improvement. So why not try these top ten health therapies to make you feel better. 10. Dance Therapy If you are handicapped, perhaps introducing the dance therapy can cheer you up. Yes, it is possible to make movements despite the disability. You just have to move what you can move and listen to the beat of

10. Dance Therapy

If you are handicapped, perhaps introducing the dance therapy can cheer you up. Yes, it is possible to make movements despite the disability. You just have to move what you can move and listen to the beat of fast music. If you are hearing impaired, watch closely people in front of you do the dance moves. Its effect makes you have fun with the activity as it gets you revitalized.

9. Art Therapy for Good Mental Health

If you know someone with mental problems such as bipolar disease, art therapy can be of great help. The patient may be suffering from hallucinations to suicidal depression. Organizing a session to conduct art therapy can help perk up his imagination. This makes him produce a work of art from his creativity. Once he sees his work, this may improve his self-worth.

8. Magnet Therapy

Paracelsus, a Swiss physician and chemist during the 15th century believed magnets can possibly attract diseases out of the body. The magnet therapy is applied to affected parts of the body for appropriate treatment. Nowadays, these come in different options suitable for patients and health providers’ needs. Patients may choose to do magnet therapy on their own.

7. Pet Therapy

If you have a pet at home, you know the satisfaction you get from them. Animals brighten up a master’s spirit, especially if he is sick or feeling down. The perpetual wagging tail has an effect when it greets him in the morning, which can also be treatment for everyone. Research shows people raising pets often wear a smile in their face. This is a good sign to free them from stress.

6. Drink Water Therapy

There are now many people drinking water right after they wake up in the morning. All you need to do is fill your empty stomach with glasses full of water and leave it for 45 minutes. Studies indicate the healing of common diseases such as headaches, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, cancer, epilepsy, kidney diseases, and more. Furthermore, once ingested, avoid eating something after 15 minutes to 2 hours of heavy meal. This should also cleanse the colon.

5. Massage Therapy

This is great therapy to relax the muscle and other injuries. A good masseur manipulates the muscle tissues and pressure points to provide general health and relief from body pain. This can be done by letting the patient sit upright or perhaps lay on his back on a massage table. Soft background music and aromatherapy candles can also provide a more relaxing experience.

4. Music Therapy

Music has a special effect on the mind and body. The sound effects can make you heal diseases. In fact, people preferring music therapy now see a difference in those suffering cancer or with kids having ADD. Many hospitals use it for pain management; to minimize depression and calm patients; relieve muscle tensions; or other benefits it can bring.

3. Complementary Therapy

This is a therapy that includes traditional medicine, alternative therapy and medicine, and holistic therapy. Modern medicine stresses out the mind and body are separate. Diseases happen as malfunction of bodily organs. This is when complementary therapy heals them. This aims to treat the patient as a whole including his symptoms.

2. Lifting Your Spirits Through Shopping

Shopping is very good for the health as it lifts the spirit. After a stressful moment, you want to be fully recharged by buying beautiful things at the mall. Or it can be a way to treat and pamper you for a job well done. Perhaps buying new scents will uplift your personality and build better relationships.

1. The Best Medicine Is Laughter

People who often laugh a lot live healthier lives. Laughter creates a great impact to one’s health as it strengthens the immune system and lowers the stress hormones. People with great sense of humor have a positive outlook in life. They can be happy even if they are down. They can also be in harmony with themselves. This will lead to having peace of mind, experiencing contentment and enthusiasm, especially with those around them.

These are helpful tips to keep you healthier, especially with the current situation you are experiencing. Learn to practice it regularly; and you can be sure you will live happier and better lives.

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