Weight loss is a much talked about topic and one can find loads of information on how to lose weight. However, as there are many facts related to losing weight, so there are many myths related to weight loss. It is essential to understand what is good for the body before setting out to lose weight. Here are the top ten myths related to losing weight:

 10. Fad Dieting is the best way to Lose Weight

Fad Dieting is the best way to Lose Weight

It is a myth that fad dieting is the best way to lose weight as the weight lost initially comes back once the individual goes off the diet. Although one may experience weight loss with fad dieting but the diet cannot be pursued for long as one has to be off various food products. In addition, fad dieting is not beneficial in the sense that it is not healthy to devoid the body of certain essential nutrients. Moreover, the risk of the formation of gallstones increases with rapid weight loss.

9. Eat anything and then Workout

Eat anything and then Workout

It is a myth that exercising only can lead to weight loss no matter what the intake is. Often people are under the impression that irrespective of what they eat and how much they eat, working out can lead to weight loss. This can be gauged from the fact that an hour spent on the treadmill leads to about 450 calories burnt. But does one consume only 450 calories a day? No, we consume far more than that. Therefore, eating healthy is the best way to remain fit and healthy.

 8. Avoid Starch and Fat in your Diet

Avoid Starch and Fat in your Diet

Fats and starch are said to be weight gain culprits and therefore, as per the myth they must be avoided totally if one wants to lose weight. However, fats and starch are important nutrients that are essential for the body to give it fullness and energy, respectively. Eliminating them from the diet means keeping the body devoid of these nutrients. Instead a better way is to limit the portion size of fats and starch.

7. Meat is essential to Gain Proteins

Meat is essential to Gain Proteins

It is a myth that vegetarians cannot build muscles as their protein intake is low. It is true that the protein intake by those who eat meat is more than those who do not. But this certainly does not mean that vegetarians cannot build muscles. Vegetarians wishing to build muscles can increase the protein content in the body by combining the proteins with carbohydrates.

6. It is Good to Skip Meals

It is Good to Skip Meals

Many people wishing to lose weight believe that skipping meals is a good option to lose weight. Instead as per the studies conducted, it has been revealed that skipping meals is not wise as it makes you feel hungrier. Skipping meals also leads to the slowing of the body’s metabolism which is not good as execution of important bodily functions too slow down. The body in its effort to conserve energy goes into “starvation mode” further slowing the metabolism which leads to increased storage of calories as fat. Thus, a person instead of losing weight starts gaining weight.

5. Only doing Crunches is Fine

Only doing Crunches is Fine

Those trying to lose the belly fat are under the impression that only doing crunches is the best way to lose fat in that area. Whereas the fact is that instead of just concentrating on crunches, you must concentrate on the overall exercising including cardio workouts and body workouts. Abdominal exercises such as crunches strengthen the muscles but do not aid in losing weight. Therefore, they do not get rid of the body fat but only strengthen the abs.

4. It is okay to Gorge on Fat free Products

It is okay to Gorge on Fat free Products

Snacks or products labeled as fat free are not absolutely fat free or low calorie foods. Therefore, gorging on such products means that taking in extra fat. While they may be labeled as fat-free, consuming them in excess means putting in more calories than normal food. Therefore, if the calories taken in through the so called fat free foods are not burnt, they would be stored as fat adding to the weight.

3. Nuts add to the Weight

Nuts add to the Weight

It is a myth to assume that one should avoid nuts when on a weight loss regime. It is a fact that excess of anything is bad and that applies to nuts as well. However, consuming nuts in moderate quantities can be actually beneficial as they are rich in monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They have the ability to lower the risk of heart disease, cholesterol and even aid in weight loss. They complete a weight loss diet and should be a part of the diet and not be avoided.

 2. Weight Training would make you Bulk up

Weight Training would make you Bulk up

It is a myth to assume that undergoing weight training would bulk you up. Instead weight training is considered a good weight loss technique as it increases the metabolism of the body thereby forcing it to burn calories even while resting. Therefore, lifting weights does not bulk you up but helps in losing weight, effectively.

1. Dietary Supplements are Safe

Dietary Supplements are Safe

It is dangerous to assume that over the counter dietary supplements are safe for losing weight. There are many supplements that have been found to be unsafe and therefore, using any of these so-called weight loss pills must be totally avoided. Instead following a healthy eating and exercising regime is the best way to lose weight.

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