One has to take into account the variations of Clenbuterol. This is the supplement one can have in the dosage of 20 mcg tablets and the same can be consumed in the form of 40 mcg tablets. The same is available in the form of spray and drops. The variations are supplied for the convenience in usage. It is important for Clen to be dosed with all care and caution. One can take the alternative in the form of tablets. This is easy to consume and this way one can keep track of the dosage quite easily. In case of the males the dosage of Clen should start from the amount of 40 mcg.

Variations in Clen Dosages

Safe Consumption of Clen

This is definitely the safest amount to start with without having to suffer from the Clen side effects. This is the prescribed dosage for both the oral or liquid forms. It is important for the user to stay at the prescribed dosage at least for a week. This way the body gets the scope to get adjusted to the stimulant and after some days one would not feel the effect any more. In case the effect stops this does not refer to the fact that the supplement is not working.

Stick to the Initial Clen Dosage

The initial dosage is right for most of the Clen users. There is no need to increase the dosage abruptly. Once the user stops feeling the effects he or she may try to increase the intake dosage thinking that it would work sufficiently. This is however, not the case. Unnecessary increase in the dose will call for all the adverse effects and the user would be in absolute trouble. Thus, it is essential for one to have full control on the amount of Clen intake. Follow the regulations well to make the supplement work for the best.

Safe Intake of Clen

There are ways for the user to learn regarding the rules for safe Clen intake. One should not have constant usage of the drug form. The user should follow the four or the six weeks cycle. This will help him gain confidence in matters of using the supplement in the recommended way. After two weeks are over the user should discontinue having the solution for a span of two weeks. This will help one avoid the tolerance and this is the main problem with the stimulants. The sections of the body builders make use of Clen as part of the cutting cycle.

Reasons for Clen Intake

It may be so that you are having Clenbuterol for other reasons and then too it is not right to have the drug on regular basis. The solution is available in both the oral or liquid forms. The continuous usage of the supplement is not right for the reason of health. The supplement may act to be counterproductive. There will be a sudden stop in making the solution being effective and workable. This is when the user will start experiencing the negative effects of the supplement so strong and irresistible.

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