Ways To Cope With Stress

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There is no doubt that people are generally under far more stress today than they have ever been.  The western culture of keeping up with your neighbor, places a great deal of strain on many people.  They end up working long hours whilst juggling family commitments and financial issues, effectively treading water.  Many individuals react to the stress which their bodies are put under by having a breakdown or stepping away from an acceptable life style to choose an alternative life style: possibly something that is dramatically different to anything they have ever done before.

Stress has also been linked with a variety of diseases, including heart disease, strokes, diabetes and even high blood pressure.  Reducing the stress your body is under is important and you should consider the following options:

Ways To Cope With Stress

Relaxation massage

One of the best ways to deal with stress is to indulge yourself in a relaxation massage.  This type of massage does not involve deep tissue manipulation.  Instead, it focuses on smooth, slow and gentle strokes as the masseuse moves slowly around your body.  The massage does not try to work out all the knots and aches in your muscles.  Instead, using these gentle movements it allows you to relax and forget about the world around you for a short while.  A good relaxation massage will keep you feeling relaxed for several hours after it has finished.

Switching off electronics

One reason that stress levels are known to be rising is the advancements in technology.  It is no longer possible to escape work by going home or out for a drive.  Your cell phone is with you wherever you go and will keep you up to date with emails and any other business related news. This makes it impossible to switch off properly.  To avoid this issue and lower your stress levels it is essential to switch off all your electronic devices for a set period of time every day; the difference will be noticeable.

Job change

You may find that your current job is simply too stressful for you.  If there is no opportunity to change your role within the firm then it may be time to move on and either undertake the same role somewhere else on better terms, or, change your job completely.  You may not realize how much happier you could be in a different job until you try it!


Playing sport regularly is good for your fitness and general health.  It has also been shown to be beneficial to your stress levels.  The aggression, competitiveness and focus required by almost any sport ensures you play to the best of your ability.  As long as your focus is on the game the rest of the world can fade out of your mind, allowing it to truly de-stress.


Taking a holiday is an obvious, if expensive way to escape from your stress.  This tactic will work but it may not have any long term effect as you will return to the same issues that you left behind.  A holiday will help you to de-stress but this may be at the expense of additional stress before and after the holiday.

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