In the age of the Internet, it is easy for us to find excellent information about many different topics, including our personal health. However, the Internet can also present us with information that seems to be authoritative but flies in the face of conventional thought. In recent times, a lot of publicity has been give to a study that, according to many ‘experts’ concluded that vitamin supplements, rather than doing us good, could really be harmful.

It is necessary to be very wary of taking these reports at face value. People should never make important decisions based on what they read without first consulting their wellness professional. The study that so many people alluded to on the vitamin issue was published in 2011. It was conducted as an epidemiological study on a large volume of existing data. The study referred to the possibility of a health risk to women who took iron supplements after the menopause.

It is worth noting that the study never declared that there was a definite connection between vitamin supplements and health risks. It is also worth noting that no doctor would ever suggest post-menopausal women should routinely take iron supplements.

The nature of epidemiological studies is that analysts set about looking for a particular correlation, and it is usually easy to find what they are looking for. However, others may analyze the same data and come to totally different conclusions. The results of any single study must also be weighed against other similar studies. For example, there is far more evince to show that vitamin supplements can be beneficial than there is to show the opposite.

Daily Vitamins

Why take vitamin supplements?

Vitamins are organic compounds that occur naturally in our food. They are essential to our wellbeing, and the absence of vitamins can cause serious health problems. When we stick to a healthy diet, the range of foods we consume is wide enough to give us the vitamins we need. However, there is a problem.

We may eat vitamin-rich foodstuffs, but the vitamins in those foodstuffs may have been broken down before we ingest them. For example, many of the methods used in automated food processing can destroy vitamins. Additionally, we can destroy the vitamins in our foods by over-cooking. By taking supplements available from vitamin stores, we ensure our bodies get the daily recommended vitamin dosage.

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